Shooting the breeze with my buddies: conjecture and pattern…

Allow me to make a few baseless assumptions you will all hail as great and obvious truths in the near future.

Baseless run up to assumption #1:

For some time now, scientists have made great breakthroughs in the fields of science known as ‘weather engineering’. Weather engineering, as the name implies, is the science of using weather as a tool, to perhaps aid, or enslave, entire populations depending on the intentions of the subsidizers.

pict3179b.jpg Click the thumbnail to see the classic pattern clouds form when being seeded.

Since clouds partially determine the temperature of earth, I am going to assume:

The UN IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is going to latch on to temperature shifts in our climates, as excuses to force feed us global carbon taxes. A smart move, seeing as how carbon is one of the most common elements in our biosphere, we even exhale it…

Baseless run up to assumption #2:

Recently my country, the Netherlands, has entered into the war of’ terror against local populations, who keep inconveniencing the flow of oil with their living on it. Resistance against this conflict abound, oh yes, every thinking person has a foul taste from the Christo-fascism, courtesy of the Christian Conservatives. (a very conservative concept, paying out the ass for a war that was premised on a self inflicted wound).

The funny thing is, though, people somehow accept the fact that we’re at war with the people of Afghanistan – oh excuse me, the totally not-created-by-the-C.I.A Taliban – and move on with their lives.

Orwell posthumously condemns your acquiescence, dear People of Holland.

ronald-groen-aankomst-2.jpgSince all peoples tend to wake up to the cost of war as soon as their dead countrymen start coming back in pine boxes, I’m going to assume:

that when the People of Holland start to see this war on terror as what it is, namely a war OF terror, steps will be taken by the complicit media and secret services of the Low Lands, being: massive fear mongering, secondly assassinations or bombings, to manufacture consent for a war that was premised on a false flag attack


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