Your engineered individuality makes me want to wretch!

No denying it. You select the things you like most from a wide selection of [mainstream] media and interpretations of culture & art. Things like the Next Top Model shows, Big Brother… They went international with it, you know, invading European households now, infecting young girls and weak minded grown women with the disease that is the *always* fallacious standard of beauty in any culture. The reason being given for going international with this shit:

It’s valid subject matter for the advancement of our culture as a whole? | No.

There… seems to be a sufficient amount of demand for it? | There you go.

Demand to a certain extent, luckily, but what people tend to forget, is the fact that ‘demand’ does not warrant such an overt attack on the sensibilities of thinking people. I get criticized – for criticizing things like “…” Next Top Model. I could throw them a bone and stay quiet, but that’s just not me. Unmitigated crap like [cable] TV must be stopped as a whole. And if you’re not with me on this, I’m sorry to say, you’re not really being observant of our culture and the creeping destruction of it.

While mainstream markets and media spray their weak-chinned cultural semen all over our children’s faces, telling them individuality is the way of the future, and a path to a brighter future for humanity, few actually see the bait & switch that has been perpetrated upon them.

In seeking your individuality, you have bought your prepackaged individuality of the shelf; you dress like the tube, you talk like the tube, you act like the tube, rejoicing in the fact you made your own choices, whilst unable – or unwilling – to see the clear contradiction of your actions, as individuality can only flow from *self*, and is strengthened by a *genuine* community based experience, furthering our understanding of the *real* culture, that has been kept from us, ever since engineered hyper individualism started generating income for a wealthy few.

Your engineered individuality makes me want to wretch. But I’m a fair person. I’ll wretch when you’re not around, as not to harvest any looks of disdain, or condescending tones of voice from you or your weak chinned collaborators. I realize you not watching TV, and not being able to sloppily copy an identity from some program, that in turn programs you, frightens you to the core of your very being.

Xerox. Xerox. Xerox. There. An individual. Now repeat process and we’ll all be happy campers in a tasteless, odorless, brave. New. World.

So there.


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