Fitna the Movie; Shamelessly Provoking EU-Islam Instability

What was your reaction Geert Wilders’ film; Fitna? If you are currently in possession of a certain amount of intellect, you would have chuckled, and moseyed along. Well I had a good chuckle too, but I stopped short of moseying along. I stuck around.

When you think like they want you to:

The REASON: Muslims are taking over our society with the intention to enslave us all in Sharia law, effectively overthrowing our ways of life, branches of government and liberal societies, which they so hate, because it is not their way of life. AND they can’t have McDonalds. That’s sure to mess you up.

The EFFECTS: Identifying the enemy of Dutch society and warning the People about the evil terrorists that seek to put veils over ‘our’ women.

For the people who put some measure of thought into their discourse and political philosophy, in other words, people who refuse to suck the tit of any politician, (Geert Wilders, Pim Fortuyn, Jan Marijnissen…) there are deeper, structural meanings to the production and distribution of a film like Fitna. Fitna is a part of an international effort, to create a dichotomy between groups in Europe, namely Muslims and Westerners.

Get yer signs here, sheepish provocateurs!     Notice the similar handwriting on all the signs… Central distribution anyone? Protesters are hired by secret services, through religious orgs, to provoke anti Islamic sentiments amongst less educated indigenous segments of the population, while making these protesters believe they are making a difference for the Islamic agenda. Useful idiots.


NOTE: [These particular useful idiots are protesting cartoons, not Fitna.]

It has always been standard practice for governments to shift around and socially engineer the relations between indigenous – and foreign – groups in countries and colonies, to cater to industrial and financial interests and plans for the future. No PM or Minister can have a controversial / contrary stance on immigration or multiculturalism, so usually, an up and coming politician is used to spout divisive rhetoric, and employ straw man arguments against entire segments of the population, gaining rabid support amongst those who adhere to the first two trains of thought at the beginning of this piece, which number in the millions.

Opposition to the politician is usually equally rabid amongst people being targeted with the divisive rhetoric, effectively furthering the agenda of the dividers, as the Opposition is usually as dumbed down politically, as the Supporters. (And it does help to have a deeply religious Opposition to the puppet, the religious tend be more open to generalizing rhetoric)

And there you go; an along cultural lines divided public, attention away from issues like healthcare, war in Afghanistan, corruption and drug use in the police force, corporatism. Major fodder for the Infotainment outlets, as the fairytale of the up and coming politician, doing battle with the totally not scripted evils of political correctness and leftist bias towards him, is like truffles to a starving pig.

An afterthought regarding people who think this film was some sort of catalyst for – or part of – an elevated political discussion; I can’t see why they’re described as useful to anyone or thing, when witnessing the debilitating idiocy with which they stare at the surfaces of these issues and let rip their mental flatulence.

So there.


One Response to Fitna the Movie; Shamelessly Provoking EU-Islam Instability

  1. ben says:

    Great article! Spot the provocateurs! Stop the provocateurs!!

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