Evil Terrorists have Unimaginable Powers and Influence

April 16, 2008

Friends, Freedom aficionados, air breathers, country livers, hear me! Our awesomely inspiring Western way of living is under attack! This is no Red nuclear threat. This is no China ringing the doorbell to come collect your national debt . This is no pedophile offering your kids candy (even though they’re EVERYWHEEEERE!!!!)

No! These are foreign threats who possess evil powers, unheard of by even Satan!


Don’t be fooled by his seemingly low-tech apparel and smelly mode of transport. This MONSTER who intends to kill you and your favorite celebrity/food/drink/way of life/pornstar is capable of :

* making the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) stand down on 9/11! That’s right, folks, these callous monsters made the brave folks at NORAD, who have held the North American continent close to their patriotic hearts with surface to air missiles, air to air missiles, spy satellites, solid communications, and a perfect record of controlling wayward airliners, all confused and unable to intercept – and possibly shoot down – 4 planes on 9/11. BASTARDS!!!

* making two 110 story skyscrapers and one 47 story building collapse into their own footprints, blatantly exposing their witchcraft, as the evildoers they are. TERRORISTS!!!

* being highly aware of American and British military schedules regarding exercises on 9/11/01 and 7/7/05, and tailoring their attack in such a way to look EXACTLY like the exercises. Confusion abound. TERRORISTS!!!


Seeing as how these EVIL TERRORISTS will stop at nothing to kill, torture, maim, destroy, enslave, mock, spit on, and gang fuck your family, and possess the ability to mingle amongst the general public, we have no other choices in the west than to give up some liberties for freedom! The terrorists WILL get you if you don’t ask your government to protect you.

So we will be:

1)taking your guns (USA)

2)searching you preventively (NL)

3)watching you 24/7 for your safety (UK)

PS – Spain has always been a police state, so I won’t bother with them.




Shooting the breeze with my buddies: conjecture and pattern…

April 3, 2008

Allow me to make a few baseless assumptions you will all hail as great and obvious truths in the near future.

Baseless run up to assumption #1:

For some time now, scientists have made great breakthroughs in the fields of science known as ‘weather engineering’. Weather engineering, as the name implies, is the science of using weather as a tool, to perhaps aid, or enslave, entire populations depending on the intentions of the subsidizers.

pict3179b.jpg Click the thumbnail to see the classic pattern clouds form when being seeded.

Since clouds partially determine the temperature of earth, I am going to assume:

The UN IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is going to latch on to temperature shifts in our climates, as excuses to force feed us global carbon taxes. A smart move, seeing as how carbon is one of the most common elements in our biosphere, we even exhale it…

Baseless run up to assumption #2:

Recently my country, the Netherlands, has entered into the war of’ terror against local populations, who keep inconveniencing the flow of oil with their living on it. Resistance against this conflict abound, oh yes, every thinking person has a foul taste from the Christo-fascism, courtesy of the Christian Conservatives. (a very conservative concept, paying out the ass for a war that was premised on a self inflicted wound).

The funny thing is, though, people somehow accept the fact that we’re at war with the people of Afghanistan – oh excuse me, the totally not-created-by-the-C.I.A Taliban – and move on with their lives.

Orwell posthumously condemns your acquiescence, dear People of Holland.

ronald-groen-aankomst-2.jpgSince all peoples tend to wake up to the cost of war as soon as their dead countrymen start coming back in pine boxes, I’m going to assume:

that when the People of Holland start to see this war on terror as what it is, namely a war OF terror, steps will be taken by the complicit media and secret services of the Low Lands, being: massive fear mongering, secondly assassinations or bombings, to manufacture consent for a war that was premised on a false flag attack

Conspiring to Commit Acts of Mass Conspiratorial Theorizing… Maybe.

April 2, 2008

The conspiracy theorist has almost always been right. (some more than others.) The conspiracy theorist has always been needed. The conspiracy theorist, or CT, is a person willing to invest more time, thought and effort in analyzing seemingly innocuous events. But somehow, fellow CT’s, our efforts go unrewarded. Unrewarded to the point of being laughed at by these government sycophants, sucking flaccid corporate penis while committing the most egregious acts of civil negligence and cultural grand larceny.

Going through life unrewarded for your efforts to acquire truth (as far as that’s a physical or philosophical possibility) is the fate of most great conspiracy theorists. I have learned to deal with scorn and looks of “Who is this guy, with those uncomfortable facts I know so little about”. Luckily I can take comfort in the fact that my logical faculties are *somewhat* more developed than most of my sleepwalking peers and many older, but none the wiser, people around me.

A wise man once said…

In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.

Mark Twain

When certain uncomfortable truths get dismissed by people, who are easily offended by not being more intelligent than me, I silently wish for a fascist global police state, crushing their engineered individuality, and the dreams of big houses – and cars these scum-fucks may have. What (admittedly evil) joys I would feel seeing these people groveling to an authority they said would never rule every aspect of their lives.

Ah well… back to the day job.

The Case for Summarily Executing All Irrelevant celebrities

April 1, 2008

By celebrities I mean the irrelevant & talentless ones, the wastes of space. Oxygen thieves, if you will, like Spears, Lohan, Federline, Aguilera, Hilton, Richie… People of absolutely no consequence – or of use – to any of our societies.

Summarily executing these poor people in the first place would not have to be inhumane or messy at all, (although the drugged up looks of bewilderment right before the .22 slug penetrates their empty skulls would be most satisfying to me…) we could just slip them an overdose, or make them drink them selfs to death. Making such unstable people kill them selfs is not hard at all, it’s been done before.


This upstanding man had a knack for making people kill them selfs, especially the mentally instable. And yes, I will be drinking Chianti at their funerals, in honor of his Art.

Now before I’m denounced as being a sicko hell bent on saving our culture through radical measures like summary executions of irrelevant celebrities, think of this:

Have they harmed, or benefited our children? Have they increased the level of education amongst the young, or have they decreased it? Have they been setting a good example or haven’t they?

Most rational people would want kill anyone who dared to harm their children. But I guess the pervasive doctrine of violence ONLY flowing DOWN the pyramid is, once again, sickeningly applicable here. I’d be willing to bet money when scum like Spears or Hilton commits murder, there’d be hordes of crazed followers demanding their release and a formal, written apology from the deceased person’s family.

For trying to save entire generations of people, by killing off these culturally usurpatory diseases on the spot, I would get chastised as a murderer, deemed unfit for mainstream society.

NO. I refuse to play your games! These people need to be stopped before they do more harm to… THE CHILDREN!!! Won’t someone think of THE CHILDREN!!!

Disclaimer; I do not, nor will I ever, commit, plan, or delegate [a] murder[s]. Murder[s] may have [an]adverse effect[s] on your health, freedom – and financial situation[s]. If your erection lasts longer than four hours, please consult your physician[s] immediately.

This message is brought to you, by the George Orwell Foundation for Fucking Up Annoying People & Usurpers of Common Decency©, or GOFFU&APUCD©

Your engineered individuality makes me want to wretch!

April 1, 2008

No denying it. You select the things you like most from a wide selection of [mainstream] media and interpretations of culture & art. Things like the Next Top Model shows, Big Brother… They went international with it, you know, invading European households now, infecting young girls and weak minded grown women with the disease that is the *always* fallacious standard of beauty in any culture. The reason being given for going international with this shit:

It’s valid subject matter for the advancement of our culture as a whole? | No.

There… seems to be a sufficient amount of demand for it? | There you go.

Demand to a certain extent, luckily, but what people tend to forget, is the fact that ‘demand’ does not warrant such an overt attack on the sensibilities of thinking people. I get criticized – for criticizing things like “…” Next Top Model. I could throw them a bone and stay quiet, but that’s just not me. Unmitigated crap like [cable] TV must be stopped as a whole. And if you’re not with me on this, I’m sorry to say, you’re not really being observant of our culture and the creeping destruction of it.

While mainstream markets and media spray their weak-chinned cultural semen all over our children’s faces, telling them individuality is the way of the future, and a path to a brighter future for humanity, few actually see the bait & switch that has been perpetrated upon them.

In seeking your individuality, you have bought your prepackaged individuality of the shelf; you dress like the tube, you talk like the tube, you act like the tube, rejoicing in the fact you made your own choices, whilst unable – or unwilling – to see the clear contradiction of your actions, as individuality can only flow from *self*, and is strengthened by a *genuine* community based experience, furthering our understanding of the *real* culture, that has been kept from us, ever since engineered hyper individualism started generating income for a wealthy few.

Your engineered individuality makes me want to wretch. But I’m a fair person. I’ll wretch when you’re not around, as not to harvest any looks of disdain, or condescending tones of voice from you or your weak chinned collaborators. I realize you not watching TV, and not being able to sloppily copy an identity from some program, that in turn programs you, frightens you to the core of your very being.

Xerox. Xerox. Xerox. There. An individual. Now repeat process and we’ll all be happy campers in a tasteless, odorless, brave. New. World.

So there.

Fitna the Movie; Shamelessly Provoking EU-Islam Instability

March 31, 2008

What was your reaction Geert Wilders’ film; Fitna? If you are currently in possession of a certain amount of intellect, you would have chuckled, and moseyed along. Well I had a good chuckle too, but I stopped short of moseying along. I stuck around.

When you think like they want you to:

The REASON: Muslims are taking over our society with the intention to enslave us all in Sharia law, effectively overthrowing our ways of life, branches of government and liberal societies, which they so hate, because it is not their way of life. AND they can’t have McDonalds. That’s sure to mess you up.

The EFFECTS: Identifying the enemy of Dutch society and warning the People about the evil terrorists that seek to put veils over ‘our’ women.

For the people who put some measure of thought into their discourse and political philosophy, in other words, people who refuse to suck the tit of any politician, (Geert Wilders, Pim Fortuyn, Jan Marijnissen…) there are deeper, structural meanings to the production and distribution of a film like Fitna. Fitna is a part of an international effort, to create a dichotomy between groups in Europe, namely Muslims and Westerners.

Get yer signs here, sheepish provocateurs!     Notice the similar handwriting on all the signs… Central distribution anyone? Protesters are hired by secret services, through religious orgs, to provoke anti Islamic sentiments amongst less educated indigenous segments of the population, while making these protesters believe they are making a difference for the Islamic agenda. Useful idiots.


NOTE: [These particular useful idiots are protesting cartoons, not Fitna.]

It has always been standard practice for governments to shift around and socially engineer the relations between indigenous – and foreign – groups in countries and colonies, to cater to industrial and financial interests and plans for the future. No PM or Minister can have a controversial / contrary stance on immigration or multiculturalism, so usually, an up and coming politician is used to spout divisive rhetoric, and employ straw man arguments against entire segments of the population, gaining rabid support amongst those who adhere to the first two trains of thought at the beginning of this piece, which number in the millions.

Opposition to the politician is usually equally rabid amongst people being targeted with the divisive rhetoric, effectively furthering the agenda of the dividers, as the Opposition is usually as dumbed down politically, as the Supporters. (And it does help to have a deeply religious Opposition to the puppet, the religious tend be more open to generalizing rhetoric)

And there you go; an along cultural lines divided public, attention away from issues like healthcare, war in Afghanistan, corruption and drug use in the police force, corporatism. Major fodder for the Infotainment outlets, as the fairytale of the up and coming politician, doing battle with the totally not scripted evils of political correctness and leftist bias towards him, is like truffles to a starving pig.

An afterthought regarding people who think this film was some sort of catalyst for – or part of – an elevated political discussion; I can’t see why they’re described as useful to anyone or thing, when witnessing the debilitating idiocy with which they stare at the surfaces of these issues and let rip their mental flatulence.

So there.